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Programmed AI (watamAI & modAI)

WATAM continues to merge the worlds of art and technology, offering unique experiences to art enthusiasts. In this blog, we will introduce our newly programmed AI models and discuss how these innovations will contribute to the art world.

What is WATAMAI? WATAMAI is an innovative platform that combines art and technology. It provides a space where artists and art lovers can interact, create projects, and produce new works. The primary goal of WATAMAI is to make art more accessible and push the boundaries of what is possible with technology and creativity.

Our New Programmed AI Models At WATAMAI, we are continuously working to enhance the user experience. Our newly programmed AI models leverage advanced technologies such as speech synthesis and image generation to offer unique experiences to art enthusiasts. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Turkish Speech Synthesis

• Unlike the previous modAI model that lacked memory, our new design features a Turkish speech synthesis method and a memory effect for just one section of the browser. This allows the AI to pronounce texts in Turkish even if they are written in English, providing significant convenience for our Turkish-speaking users.

2. Embedded YouTube Videos in Chat

• Users can open and watch YouTube videos within the WATAMAI chat interface while conversing. This feature enables art lovers to interact with multiple forms of content simultaneously.

3. Real-time Image Generation via Commands

• During conversations, users can instantly generate images using specific commands. This offers a quick and practical solution for artists and designers.

4. Memory and Context Awareness

• The new version of WatamAI includes memory capabilities, allowing it to remember ongoing conversations and context within an open session. This makes interactions more coherent and personalized compared to the previous version.

5. Response with Audio Files

• WatamAI can now respond with audio files, enhancing the interaction experience. This feature is a significant upgrade from the earlier modAI model, which lacked this capability.

6. Crypto Value Query

• WATAMAI also allows users to query the total value of WATAM cryptocurrency. This feature enables users to use AI on a broader level with their own data, helping them track financial metrics effectively.

The Future of Art with WatamAI : WatamAI opens new doors for artists and art lovers by merging art with technology. While emphasizing the universality of art, the platform also aims to support local cultures. Innovative features like Turkish speech synthesis will help local artists gain more visibility on the global stage.We believe that these innovations offered by WatamAI will bring about a significant transformation in the art world. The digitalization of art and the integration of technology into creative processes will not only speed up artistic creation but also allow art lovers to access more works

Try WatamAI : To experience WatamAI yourself, simply copy this entire English text and paste it into WatamAI. Then, at the end of the text, type (translate this text to Turkish), and WatamAI will immediately provide the Turkish translation through speech synthesis.


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