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Extreme times call for extreme eye lashes


The spider lash might appear over the top – but it will make you feel better. Plus, home hair colour and top-down beauty

 ‘A Liza Minnelli-esque ode’: use falsies and mascara for this wide-eyed look of optimism. Photograph: Jason Lloyd-Evans

Of course this Liza Minnelli-esque ode (Marc Jacobs SS20) is excessive. And totally unsuitable for Zoom calls. But extreme times call for extreme measures. And seeing as Marc Jacobs touts it as “a celebration of life and optimism”, let’s go there. Creating the spider lash itself isn’t overly ambitious; it’s just mascara layered over falsies. Matt but plump skin is key, so overdose on a hydrating serum. Use a coloured eyeliner to create a fresher winged eye and add a dot of highlighter in the corner. Complete with a natural lip. The skinny and bleached brows? Ignore. They rarely translate in real life.


As we saw our lives edging towards self isolation, social distancing and then full on lockdown, I began receiving messages from numerous women who were at a loss as to how they would achieve salon-like results at home. They asked me to recommend hair products, gadgets and dyes they could use easily and safely. If this is going to be our new reality, it seems women do not want to face it with bad hair. Especially one that needs colour. There is a reason people go to one hair stylist for a cut and style and a specialist for colour. (I learned this the hard way many decades ago when I walked out of a salon looking like a Fraggle). A good colourist understands the science, nuances and technicalities of colour. They do magical things like creating a colour so believable the world would swear you’re naturally a glossy blonde when, in fact, you were born mousy brown. It’s near impossible to achieve this at home (sorry). That said, the high-quality, low-price home hair colour range from Josh Wood, arguably the best colourist in the world, is excellent for upkeep. His team now offers a video consultation service. They address everything – covering roots, enhancing or removing certain tones in hair, enhancing condition and shine, and if it comes to it, gulp, how to transition to grey.


Every so often, there’s a new beauty term (or honestly, just a word) that basically takes over the biz. Ombre, eyebrows, and now eyelashes. OK, we’ll be honest. It’s not like the journey to get longer, thicker lashes is anything new. Tubes and tubes of mascara pile up, as you determine which formulation lasts for more than 3 hours and won’t cause those tiny, delicate fibers to dry out, clump up, or take that spider-y shape. What is catching on more than ever, however, is eyelash extension companies and brands, like Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli, who are making the concept of styling your eyelashes super personal and even slashing the time you spend creating a beauty look in half.

The concept of adding on fibers to increase the length and volume of your lashes may seem new, but the process has been around for a bit. The types range from a variety of materials, including synthetic versions and even mink, and with results lasting largely on how much you upkeep (see visiting the salon for touch-up appointments) and how you care for them.

Xtreme Lashes, a company that’s been around for ten years if you can believe it, uses synthetic material to eliminate the chance of allergies and contaminates and just launched a Faux Mink Ellipse HD version that creates more surface area for application, maximizing fullness and volume.

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We had the chance to try these out while visiting their booth at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas, and we learned that what you can get out of the umbrella trend of eyelash extensions is kind of unbelievable. This genre of beauty has really taken on a world of its own, with certain requests becoming really popular and beauty products made specifically to work with the lashes.

After getting our lashes done by certified lash stylist, Misaki Maeta, Xtreme Lash by Jo Mousselli Lash Stylist in Japan (those applying Xtreme Lashes have to go through an intense and rigorous training program AND be accepted), how much we learned about this booming movement was kind of shocking. From what people are really asking for, to why it’s a good idea in the first place, we compiled some super interesting tidbits of info, below.

Got Long Lashes Already? You Can STILL Get Extensions
“I think when it comes to lashes, no woman can have lashes that are too long, too thick, too dark, or too full. What we do is custom design lashes to fit every woman’s individual physical attributes and her lifestyle,” says founder and CEO of Xtreme Lashes, Jo Mousselli. She is also a former RN who also mentions that she takes a “systematic holistic approach” to ensure all her products are “safe and long-lasting.” So if you have super long lashes, instead of adhering length to the lash, they’ll go in with fullness to create a fan-like effect.

How Many Lashes You Get Totally Depends on YOU
On average, Jo Mousselli says that about 70 lashes are adding to each individual eye but that can also top over 100 depending on your eye shape, how many lashes you already have, and what you want out of your experience.

It’s also based on what’s actually safe for you to be wearing, which is an added plus that that’s even taken into consideration in the first place. “It’s called the lash calculator tool. You put in your clients’ natural criteria and it tells you what you can safely apply—because you don’t want to damage your natural eyelashes. You can extend up to a certain point, and it makes sure you use safe thicknesses and lengths,” notes AnneMarie Lorenzini, Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli Corporate Lash Stylist and Product Development Technician.

They carry lashes from 5 mm to up to 17 mm in length, creating a vast difference in looks.

You Can Request a Curvature, Too
Available in four different curvatures, which Lorenzini tells us starts out at a more natural, low curve and grows more dramatic. We tested out the x40 and it made our lashes look like we had used a pretty damn good eyelash curler.

The Most Requested Look Is a Cat-Eye
And having a super dark lash line, which will ease the minds of ladies everywhere who get annoyed by the thought of applying eyeliner. The new faux mink lashes reportedly help with this. When it comes to the cat-eye, Lorenzini says that it consists of having elongations at the corners. With that being said, different size eyelash extensions are used throughout, mimicking the fact that your lashes are all different lengths naturally. We tried out a combo for more of a natural-looking vibe.

She also notes that the ultimate goal is having a lash look that opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake.

Trends in Different Countries Vary
Different looks trump the most-requested lists around the world. For example, Lorenzini notes that in Australia, clients generally ask for a flatter, longer look that has less curvature, while in Europe, the curvier styles are more popular.

Bring Pictures
Or at least know how you do your makeup and what you want from a look. Before each application, you’ll have a sit-down consultation with a stylist to determine what look is best for you, and pictures will help you get to that goal. “You can also ask a stylist if they have a lookbook. We have a ton of pictures online that you can always reference, or the individual stylist should have pictures of their work,” explains Lorenzini.

It Makes Your Routine Low-Maintenance, But They’re a Little Work
We’re going to be honest and say that it does cut down on the amount of time you take getting ready in the morning. You essentially don’t need mascara at all, in fact regular mascara isn’t recommended to be applied on these lashes. If you do use mascara, the Length & Volume mascara is only recommended to be added at the tips of these new faux mink formulations. The brand even made an eyeliner pencil—the GlideLiner Long Lasting Eye Pencil—that’s safe to use with extensions.

You also are suggested to stay away from things like excessive heat, cosmetics, steam, and contact lenses insertion for the first three hours after applying it. You’ll want to watch how much you’re rubbing your eyes, if you’re sleeping on one side, and try not to apply waterproof beauty products. These things are said to cause your extensions to wear away quickly. The biggest time commitment these guys take up is when you get them on in the first place—one session can take up to 3 hours.

Getting Them Off Is As Simple As… Doing Nothing
You literally don’t have to do anything to get them off. They shed as your lashes shed naturally. Obviously, if you want your look to last longer, you should go in for touch-ups, which are recommended between 2 to 4 weeks.

You Can’t Tell You’re Wearing Them
In fact, these new lashes are said to be 47 percent lighter. The only time you really remember you’re wearing them is when you first get them on, when you go to put on your makeup, which is way less of a hassle, and when you take off your makeup. That step should only be done with the Xtreme Lashes Eye Makeup Remover and Cleanser, which is designed to clean the lashes without wearing them down.

Taking Off Your Makeup Has Never Been More Important
Like REALLY important! You want to clean off your makeup with suggested products so dirt and oils don’t clump onto your lashes. They also recommend using a tiny mascara-like wand brush that will help you gently shape your lashes on a regular basis. If you’re getting a look that’s way longer than your natural lashes, you’re going to appreciate this.

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