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Get a Daily Dose of Nature…

Two polar bear cubs are jumping over bits of sea ice and snow in the high arctic region of Svalbard, Norway

…with Online Lessons From Wildlife Experts Around the World

Learn about African safaris, nature photography, and wild animals with these daily lectures.

Diligence is the name of the game when it comes to stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. For most of us, that means staying home and spending much of our time inside instead to ensure the safety of vulnerable populations. All this has many of us wishing for the same thing: fresh air and nature. Though we may not be able to get it in person, Natural Habitat Adventures and the World Wildlife Fund are ensuring we can at least get a bit of digital nature at home.

Every weekday at 1 p.m. Mountain Time the two organizations are hosting nature talks from around the world so we can all feel like we’re out there together.

“We’ve enlisted our 150 guides from around the globe to inspire you as we get through this challenging time together,” the two organizations explain. “They’ll be sharing reports from the field, conservation updates, fascinating wildlife insights, nature photography tutorials, and more.”

Want a taste of what’s to come? On April 13, Anthony Bennett will host a talk called Crossing Africa’s Okavango Delta on Foot. On the talk, he will discuss his 80-mile walking safari in the Botswana wilderness.


“Anthony and three fellow safari guides made this self-supported trek over six days, carrying heavy packs and rifles, and wild-camping at impromptu locations each night,” the group explains. “You’ll revel in Anthony’s stories – but the lasting importance of this dramatic undertaking is what it accomplished for local kids: by coming to know and appreciate wild creatures in one’s natural surroundings, the seeds of caring and conservation take hold in a future generation.”

On April 14, virtual guests can take part in Photography Lessons for African Safaris with nature photographer Court Whelan.

“Africa offers exciting photography opportunities, with big skies, big animals and big adventure,” the listing says. “Join Court Whelan for a primer on the specialized photography knowledge you need to capture safari images you’ll be thrilled with. Explore techniques for perfecting wildlife focus and portraiture, understand the elements of African landscape photography, learn about challenges you can expect, such as how to stabilize your camera, and get tips on camera gear that will maximize the quality of your images.”

Other upcoming talks include Who’s the Best Bear in the World?, 40 Tons of Delight: The Great Gray Whale, Part 3, and Antarctica vs. the Arctic: A Tale of Two Poles. Want more? Check out all the listings and register for the online adventure talks on Natural Habitat’s website.


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